HCS 446 Week 1 Individual

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HCS 446 Week 1

Facility Planning Part 1
Facility Planning Part 1
This paper will discuss Virtua’s new ambulatory care clinic in Voorhees, N.J. It will features a surgical center for same-day surgery, cancer center, women’s imaging center, sleep center, diagnostic services and physician’s offices. This new state of the art master will have its unveiling in the spring of May 2012. This new ambulatory center is being built adjacent to a 463-million, eight story replacement hospital. Virtua Voorhees is opening a comprehensive outpatient ambulatory facility and it is massive in size at 300,000 square-foot building will provide care for its patient’s in N.J. and the surrounding Tri-State area(Virtua Voorhees,2011). . In addition to this space there will be a health and wellness center and a café shop along with a retail shop. The goal of the hospital is patient focused and convenience for the patient and their families. The other perks are the sophisticated technology all in one location. The population that this hospital will serve will be infants, children, adults and seniors. Families will be able to make one appointment per visit for the entire family which will save time and money. Instead of having to call out of work, or make multiple trips throughout the year, families will have the convenience of setting up one well-being visit per year. The community outreach program that Virtua has set up is a non-profit program that will enable the community to stay healthy. Virtua will offer free classes to educate the community about their health and disease prevention such as: diabetes, hypertension, stroke prevention and ways to combat obesity. Virtua also has an event calendar that not only trains local paramedics, nurses and physicians, but the community as well in pediatric and adult CPR. As a good neighbor Virtua will take a leadership role in helping other health care providers in the area with their expertise that will...
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