Hcs 335 Presentation to the Board of Ethics

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Presentation to Board of Ethics
Ethics: Health Care and Social Responsibility
HCS 335
June 16, 2013

Presentation to Board of Ethics
Obtaining an informed consent is a vital part of current health care. This document lists out several key pieces of information for both the patient, Provider, and the ancillary staff that also access the document during the procedure process. However, obtaining informed consent has not always been the practice norm and in research, informed consent carries different specifications.

Surgical or Procedure Informed Consent
When a patient is going through the pre-operative stages for surgery or a procedure there is a moment when the provider performing the surgery or procedure must explain the surgery or procedure and the risks to having the surgery or procedure. The risks vary for different surgeries or procedures but the risks must be explained so the patient understands. The provider then obtains a signature from the patient and the provider signs to verify that they did take the time to explain the risks to having the surgery or procedure. This signed informed consent is used for verification by the pre-operative staff in designated “time outs” to make sure as the patient is going in for the surgery or procedure that it is the correct patient, the correct side of the body, and that the patient agrees, one last time, that they are in for the documented procedure. Using the informed consent in this manner gives an extra level of double checking to make sure that the correct patient and procedure are being done.

Research Informed Consent
Obtaining informed in the research field of science and medicine is just as important. The objectives are the same as the surgical and procedure consent by educating the patient to the procedure being performed and the risks to that procedure. Informed consent has not always been required when obtaining human cells for research. The history of Henrietta Lacks shows this very...

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