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Hcs /320 Communication Theory

By blaccheri28 Dec 24, 2012 854 Words
Communication Theory Paper

Communication Theory

Communication is a two-way process of reaching understanding, exchanging information, and creating and sharing meaning. There are different types of communication such a verbal and non-verbal communication, we also have communication barriers like; gender differences, cultural differences, prejudices, and organizational environments. A speech doctor from Importance of name Abale Hussein says, “Starting with the sender, there is the complexity of human language itself. The message must be formatted correctly, with proper grammar, syntax, noun sequencing, and even pronunciation. If the encoder of the message speaks too rapidly, too slowly, mixes up words, has garbled speech, and so on; these can all affect how clearly the message is first delivered into the communication sequence. People afflicted with schizophrenia appear to speak clearly, but the speech is incoherent, what is referred to as “word salad”. Thus the origin of the message is already faulty.(Oct 19, 2011) When communicating you have to know you audience, tone, and content in order to be effective in your communication, when knowing your audience you will know how to address information and how the communicating process will develop. You use different theories of communication when doing different things or being around certain people, we communicate using social networks (cyber), using voice (verbal), and non-voice (non-verbal) to transfer information or understanding. When it comes to gender differences in communications it can become bias, some say that women are listeners and men not, men are from the moon and women are from wherever communication theories are from. (Sept 18,2010) says,” Science has found that there is hard wiring that is unique to male and female brains when it comes to communication styles.” This means that it depends on how information is being delivered is how male and female can process the information. I have not seen these studies but was told by my Mother that we humans only absorb 15 percent of what we hear so we have to listen well and open up our understanding. When I am at work communication is the key to success, I work for Target and without communication the company’s goals will not be met. We have to ask our guest, “Can I help you find something and do you need a cart,” these things help make our goal, but I do notice a difference when talking to males and female not just our guest in the store but my team as well, sometimes the males when given direction come back and ask again and with the females you only have to go over things once, and some take notes or repeat what is being said so they can have a clear understanding, I have never seen that with my male teammates. This can affect our work sometimes because I do not have time sometimes go over things twice or physically show what I want done. I also have teammates that is from different counties and speak English but sometimes mix there English with their language and can be difficult sometimes to understand what is being said and the message do not get delivered like it was supposed to, this can affect the day as well like; when a guest is looking for something and the team member is trying to tell them and the guest do not understand, I often have to ask my team members to speak English and use good practice at home as well, some of their family members at home do not speaking English so when they are home they speak very little English. This cause communication barriers at the workplace and we are working on making this situation better. We also have a few cultural differences that affect communication at work as well, we are short staff at my store and my operator is Muslim and has to go pray every fifteen minutes it seem like and I have no one to answer the phones and we can lose sells or miss a very important call. With my family (kids) I use a lot of non-verbal communication with them, I guess I have said the same things so many time that they know what I am going to say without saying it, all I have to do is look an curtain way and the already know. It is funny and I did not realize I did that until a friend was over and notice the way we communicate with each other. There is plenty of improvements that can be done at my job when I comes to communication, I am thinking about doing another orientation with my team members so we can go over some ways to communicate better and look for some suggestions from them as well, use posters in the break rooms showing good manners, and how to effective when communicating. We use Walkie Talkies to communicate with each other and different channels for a one-on-one conversation and sometimes when on the sale floor those one-on-one conversations can be heard by guess and their tone needs improvement

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