Hcs /320 Communication Theory

Topics: Communication, Communication theory, Metacommunicative competence Pages: 3 (854 words) Published: December 24, 2012
Communication Theory Paper

Communication Theory

Communication is a two-way process of reaching understanding, exchanging information, and creating and sharing meaning. There are different types of communication such a verbal and non-verbal communication, we also have communication barriers like; gender differences, cultural differences, prejudices, and organizational environments. A speech doctor from Importance of Communication.org name Abale Hussein says, “Starting with the sender, there is the complexity of human language itself. The message must be formatted correctly, with proper grammar, syntax, noun sequencing, and even pronunciation. If the encoder of the message speaks too rapidly, too slowly, mixes up words, has garbled speech, and so on; these can all affect how clearly the message is first delivered into the communication sequence. People afflicted with schizophrenia appear to speak clearly, but the speech is incoherent, what is referred to as “word salad”. Thus the origin of the message is already faulty.(Oct 19, 2011) When communicating you have to know you audience, tone, and content in order to be effective in your communication, when knowing your audience you will know how to address information and how the communicating process will develop. You use different theories of communication when doing different things or being around certain people, we communicate using social networks (cyber), using voice (verbal), and non-voice (non-verbal) to transfer information or understanding. When it comes to gender differences in communications it can become bias, some say that women are listeners and men not, men are from the moon and women are from wherever communication theories are from. Speechmastery.com (Sept 18,2010) says,” Science has found that there is hard wiring that is unique to male and female brains when it comes to communication styles.” This means that it depends on how information is being delivered is how male...
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