Hcs 235 Interview Essay

Topics: Hospital, Patient, Trauma center Pages: 3 (1095 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Health Care Interview

HCS 235
March 4, 2013
Dr. Robert Clegg

Health Care Interview
There are many components to a hospital or medical facility. All of them are necessary to have a properly functioning environment. The emergency department of a hospital is a fast paced world. You have to be constantly on your toes and prepared for whatever may come through the doors. There are many people that work in an emergency room to make it run smoothly. Techs, nurses, CNA’s, LVN’s, and doctors all work side by side to help those who are critically injured. Without all these people it would be complete chaos. Triage is usually the first step of the emergency room and helps determine severity of each patient. Once through triage, the patient is either sent to a different area of emergency or another part of the hospital. The emergency department is usually broken down into different parts as well. Typically, there is a trauma area, an area for those less urgent, resuscitation areas, and even a psychiatric area. Trauma is reserved for those with life threatening injuries or illness and is always stocked with the equipment needed for these cases. Resuscitation areas are for those who come in unconscious or DOA (dead on arrival). These rooms are equipped with all the equipment necessary to try and save someone’s life. There are many things done in an emergency department. Vitals are the usually the first thing when a patient comes into the emergency room. An injury or illness may not be immediately visible; vitals are an easy way to see if anything is out of the ordinary right off the bat. When injury is more apparent, like a broken bone, x-rays can be done right in the emergency room. EKG’s are often performed on those complaining of chest pain. The emergency room also does the simple stuff like suturing wounds or doing ultrasounds. As you can see there is not much the emergency room cannot do. It is the center of the hospital. My interviewee specifically works in...
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