HCS 212 Week1 Health Care Terms Worksheet

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Week 1 Health Care Terms Worksheet

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Use the term in a sentence as it applies to the health care industry. HIPAA
HIPAA is a privacy rule, and some information is protected especially patients health information. You can find this forms at the doctor’s office, dental office, long term care facilities, and Home health. My primary doctor asked me to sign HIPAA form, and told me he can only disclose few of my heath information to my specialist after I signed the form. He will be violating my privacy if he relates information without my prior written consent. Furthermore, although my information is an electronic records, only a few staff can look at them, or read portions of it. Clinical

An actual observation of involvement of a Healthcare Provider. For example, doctors and nurses that takes care of patient’s at the hospital. Their primary goal is to treat when someone becomes sick or injured. The Home health Care Physical therapist, whom I work with my residents, said he likes the clinical part of his job rather than the paper works. He gets to work with his clients up close and personal. He likes to see his patients get better after an injury or surgery. Public Health

It’s the health of the general public, monitored or regulated by state and or federal Agency (Centers for Disease and Prevention Control). It could be in small neighborhood, the country, and or parts of the world. Public Health helps protect, and promote better health to our citizens. They do a lot of research for disease and injury prevention and detection and control of infectious diseases. Their primary goal is preventing an injury or an infectious disease from happening. California is worried about the public health due to the alarming rise of whooping cough or pertussis. The California Department of Public Health said that school children are bringing it home to their families. They are most worried with...
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