Hcr230 Checkpoint: Summarizing the Medigap Program:

Topics: Money, Health insurance in the United States, Health insurance Pages: 1 (275 words) Published: October 5, 2010
CheckPoint: Summarizing the Medigap Program:

Looking at the figure given on page 350 it looks like the core benefits in the Medigap insurance program are the entire baseline, or the basic benefits offered. the nursing, drugs, and preventative medicine. But why didn’t I see anything about the coverage on x-rays and MRI’s. I’m sure there are more that should be covered and that table looks pretty weak to me. Also, I don’t think there should be a limit put on the services or the money to pay for them. Most of the Medicare patients can’t afford to pay any percentage left over after a procedure or service, its wrong! The table shows an extension for those who qualify. Everyone senior citizen should have all they need to keep them healthy as possible. I’m a baby boomer. What’s to happen to me? Under a Medicare private fee-for-service plan, patients receive services from Medicare-approved providers or facilities of their choosing. The plan is operated by a private insurance company that contracts with Medicare but pays on a fee-for-service basis. I don’t see the program even coming close to meeting the coverage needs of its consumers. There is so much left out that should be covered. Part of the daily coinsurance seems to be more sensitive to the patients but part B is weak….. Our Taxes need to be under the scrutiny of an honest person for the delegation of the monies. Without having a trusted overseer of our tax money, the programs that need the money will never get a fair shake….
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