hcis255 r2 accurate registration worksheet wk6

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Accurate Registration Worksheet

In 50 to 150 words, explain each step of the medical billing cycle, using Figure 6.7 of Integrated Electronic Health Records as a reference.Your explanations must be in your own words.

1. Pre-register Patients
Pre-registering patients is when the demographics and insurance information is collected prior to the office visit. This includes a front staff member to schedule appointments, conduct a appointment reminder call, collect the patient’s personell as well as payer informaiotn. This step may also involve the front desk or clerks checking in the patient depending on the size of the facility. Depending on the size or location of the healrh center their may be front desk staff, clerks, or even nurses that will be in charge of this step. 2. Establish Financial Responsibility

In the step of establishing fiancanicl responsibility the front staff or clerks collect the payer insurance infoarmiton. This step estabilisthes the financial responsibility fo rhte healrh vistit. If a patient was to have no infurance the staff would determine if the patient needs a payment plan or if the patient is able to pay the balance all at once. The staff will set up a payment plan during this step if the patient requires one. Health facilities require apatient to show proof of who is going to be responsible for ehte bill ffom the services they are going to receive. This makes sure that the health facilities know who to bill and that they are going to be paid. This step also allows the staff to let the doctor know what the insurance company covers such as treatemtns, testing and medicaitons. 3. Check-In Patients

The check in patient step in normally conducted by front desk staff. During this step the patient enters the health facility and the staff makes sure they have the correct informaiotn by the patient clearly identifying themselves. This could by by having a valid photo id. Once they...
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