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Topics: Design, Evaluation, Observation Pages: 4 (1296 words) Published: June 18, 2013
College of Information Technology CISB 213: Human Computer Interaction PROJECT – 30 marks Developing an interactive courseware This is a hands-on exercise on the analysis, design and prototyping of an interactive system. During the early stage of the project development, you are requested to choose and evaluate any interactive system that related to your chosen project theme. The findings from this activity can be valuable inputs to your propose system and shall be used as a reference for improvement in your system design. To begin with, you are required to know the intended users, their tasks, and the working context of their actions. Only then do you consider what the actual system design should look like, where you would base the design on real people, real tasks, and real needs. User centered system design is not an academic process where some cookbook formula can be applied. Nor is it an intuitive process where a programmer can sit in their office and think they know what the user and their tasks are. Rather, it is a hands-on process that requires you to go out and identify actual users, talk to them about what tasks they are trying to do, and understand the entire context of their work. Using the information that you obtained during the evaluation, you are required to design a courseware and develop the prototype. Objectives of the project: 1. Observe how other people (or yourself) interact with the existing system/ method/device, trying to perform a well-defined task, and to reflect on why some systems are simple to use, and others are hard to use. 2. Evaluate the existing system/ method/device using the evaluation techniques. 3. Analyze the result from the evaluation process you have performed earlier. 4. Design/ Redesign an interactive courseware for the topic chosen by applying the design rules and principles. Courseware Theme Each group must select ONE (1) theme from the list below: ABC Phonics Nursery Rhymes Learn Numbers Mathematics for Standard 1...

References: g. Appendixes (if any) Note: all tables and figures must be labeled accordingly with a proper explanation
A note on the grading: Grading will be based upon the sophistication and maturity of the work, the elegance of the designs, the logic of the presentations, and the completeness of the work.
Sem 1 2013/2014
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