HCG Diet Instructions

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HCG Diet Instructions

Welcome Aboard! It is so great that you have decided to take your health into your own hands and shed that extra weight for good. Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride. Your journey to successful weight loss is about to begin!

HCG is a natural hormone and stands for human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Dr. Simeon discovered that this hormone could be used to assist dieters to lose weight and could help curb one’s appetite tremendously.

In recent years a Homeopathic oral HCG product was developed. Homeopatic HCG has been shown to be just as effective in aiding with weight loss as the injected HCG. HCG is not a hormone. It is a complex molecule that contains over 300 aminopeptides. It is found in every human tissue in both males and females.

HCG interacts with the Hypothalamus gland, increasing metabolism and allowing the body to use fat as energy. You can expect to lose .5 lb. to 1 lb. per day. Men tend to lose more.

Oral Homeopathic HCG is NON-Pharmaceutical. It does NOT require a prescription or physicians consult. Homeopathic HCG drops do NOT require the use of needles. There are NO blood tests needed. It is NOT mixed with narcotics such as phentramine. HCG does not have a flavor or scent.

The HCG Protocol is very simple from the standpoint that you have very few choices. It is however a very strict diet that limits you to 500 calories a day.

Now don’t get up in arms. Yes, you are only eating 500 calories a day, but because the HCG is in your body, you are consuming all the calories your body needs from your abnormal fat stores. You are still burning the same number of calories you would burn if you ate a huge meal. But now, they are coming from your own body and not from a bowl of food. Each day you take HCG your body releases 2,000 – 4,000 calories of stored fat. This is why your body does NOT go into a “starvation mode” and shut down your metabolism.

You will need to be disciplined about what you eat in this protocol but it just takes responsible choices and a desire to succeed. Diligently follow the protocol and you WILL be successful enough to feel empowered to stick with it for 43 days!!!

Why this HCG Protocol is the Best

• Simple HCG drops under tongue
• Lose .5 – 2 pounds per day
• Very little hunger on HCG diet
• No prescription required
• HCG is a natural protein substance
• Exercise is not required to reduce weight on HCG diet • HCG resets your Hypothalamus so that your weight reduction is lasting • HCG is safe for women and men
• Increased energy without a sense of nervousness
• Clearer thought process

If after reading this booklet you still want more information you can read “Pounds and Inches” by Dr. Simeons.

This is the same kind of HCG that Pounds and Inches uses in their programs and they charge $500 -$700. This HCG does NOT require refrigeration and has a 3 year shelf life (if kept in a cool dark place the shelf life is even longer). This Homeopathic oral HCG is produced in the United States by Dynamic Nutritional Associates. There are no negative side effects and is easy to take with no mess. You will have more energy and less hunger.

It is recommended that if you have any pre-existing illness, you should seek the approval of your doctor before any diet. If you are pregnant or nursing you should NOT be on this diet!

This has been the only diet that Thousands of people have had great success with!

The Protocol/The Diet Plan

Days 1 and 2…Fat Loading days…Phase I

HCG drops: Day 1 ….None
Day 2…..1 dropper 2x per day

Some Plans call for you to start drops on day 1, but it is very difficult to consume as much fatty food as necessary while on the drops. The program has worked exactly the same without taking drops during your first load day.

Force Feeding Diet
Eat frequently and to capacity the most fattening foods. You will gain weight during these 2...
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