Hca a Case Study

Topics: Health care, Medicine, Health economics Pages: 4 (1136 words) Published: March 10, 2010
The market driven approach is pure capitalism versus government intervention which combines capitalism and socialism. Rick Scott applied the market driven approach to the problems, in the health care system that already existed over half a century ago. The gist of the problem is healthcare costs. Mr. Scott was successful in marketing and promoting healthcare in the United States and making it a successful economic enterprise. As is true with all market approaches and with pure capitalism, in the health care industry, there are always issues between a successful business model and the best healthcare that can be available for the American people. The issue truly is whether healthcare should be part of the American capitalist system or part of a government run program to ensure the best quality of healthcare. Mr. Scott and total government intervention are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Based on Rick's background, he wanted to find a balance between costs and profits, so he came up with the idea of a for-profit form of delivering medical services by applying unethical practices to create savings and efficiencies. Mr. Scott without question achieved the economies of scale that he yearned. Excellent health care at an affordable price cannot be the focus for increased profits. Companies have to make a measured amount of profit that compensate investors risk of capital; however, health care has to be evaluated from a different perspective, different from the automotive, tourist or retail industries, just to mention a few. Rick Scott with his visionary spirit found another venture capital where he invested in a chain of retail health care clinics, which are located inside Florida Wal-Marts. You don't need an appointment and you can chose from a range of services from X-rays to blood tests, even physicians are present. These clinics helped Rick Scott find the gray spot where care quality and efficiency can provide a measured profit seeking enterprise....
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