Hca Role and Work Enviroment

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Describe 8 roles you carry out in your work area and explain your accountability in each. 1. Phlebotomy, obtaining samples for laboratory testing. -Identification of the patient, proper labeling of obtained samples and documentation of the visit in the record. If not carried out properly, effects in faulty or lack of results, or in assignment of results to wrong patient. Effecting in misdiagnosis. -Interviewing the patient in order to obtain information about current medications that might interfere with the procedure, any other risk factors that might be needed to take into account, fasting status as for certain tests it will give false result. Failing to do so may result in complications during the procedure, like extended bleeding, or obtaining inaccurate laboratory results -Venipuncture, assessment of venipuncture site, right technique, knowledge of anatomy, order of draw. Tissue damage, internal bleeding causing hematomas, or other factors that may be direct reason for nerve damage. Inability to obtain sample.

2. Blood pressure monitoring, feedback and directing patients to right healthcare professional if needed. -Proper technique, instructing patient on how to take measurements in order to obtain most accurate readings, as well as detecting pulse rhythm abnormalities. Obtaining inaccurate or faulty result may effect in misdiagnosis, worst case scenario false-negative where increased blood pressure was not recognized. -Feedback to patient, providing with information on what the numbers stand for, what are the ranges and how to deal with each one of them. Ensuring patient realizes gravity of the information, and can comprehend obtained information -Referring patients to monitor their BP, see a nurse or a doctor if needed, according to judgment of situation. It might be first step towards diagnosis of hypertension, failing to do so will allow condition to develop. 3. NHS Health Check, data collection, verification and processing. -Interviewing patient accordingly to national scheme.

-Referring for further care, lifestyle advisory.
Being important part of screening program, designed to prevent cardiovascular related diseases, any omission, lack of encouragement to change some aspects of patients life, etc may be first step toward developing mentioned conditions. 4. Ear irrigation

-Ear examination in order to determine any physical contraindications to preform procedure. Possibility of causing permanent, or temporaty damage to hearing organ. -Ear irrigation technique. Unprofessional execution of procedure may cause discomfort, permament of temporaty damage. 5. Administrative tasks, record keeping, booking appointment, rebooking. Extracting patient lists. Any access to confidential information is regulated by Caldicott principles, failing in following them might be followed by lawsuit. 6. New patient registration.

-Ensuring all relevant data is collected.
-Data input.

7. Injections, intramuscular administration of prescribed drugs. -Identification of the patient, his needs and prescribed medication. -Assessment of any contraindication and proper site for administration. -Recording relevant information regarding visit.

Inapropriate administration of substances might cause serious health complications. Including anaphylactic shock, allergic reaction. 8. Assisting nurse, as a part of gaining competencies and help assistance. Making sure patient feels comfortable with (EXTRA PERSON) during examination. Assuring patient feel comfortable in one’s presence, making sure patient’s confidentiality is secured. One’s presence must be documented. -------------------------------------------------

For any omissions, errors, negligence in mentioned examples person performing the tasks is accountable for.
Using the National Occupational standards that are relevant to your work area and the standards that are used by the Care Quality Commission explain how your work role is monitored....
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