HCA 497 Week 3 Cost Containment and Malpractice Claims Article Review

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This document contains HCA 497 Week 3 Cost Containment and Malpractice Claims Article Review
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Cost Containment and Malpractice Claims Article Review. Health care costs have become a major issue of concern in the U.S. and defensive medicine practices have become a topic of increased interest among a variety of stakeholders. For this assignment, please visit the Ashford University Library and read the Hermer and Brody article titled “Defensive medicine, cost containment, and reform.” Identify the ways to contain health care costs as well as the potential to reduce costs associated with malpractice claims.

Analyze the following:

1. The major points covered in the article.

2. The pros and cons of Tort Reform and the practice of defensive medicine.

3. The implications of Tort Reform on the practice of defensive medicine, quality of care, and health care costs.

4. The author’s position on Tort Reform. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the author’s opinion on Tort Reform and support your position.

5. At least three major stakeholders involved in Tort Reform, their roles, and general positions on the issues discussed in your paper.

This assignment provides an opportunity to gain understanding of two unique issues, the Tort reform and defensive medicine practices. In addition, you will discover how these two issues may contribute to the rising health care costs as well as the delivery of quality health care services from the perspectives of various stakeholders.

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