HCA 305 (Ashford)

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HCA 305 (Ashford)

Week 1:

Discussion 1:

With so many different stakeholders in the health care system, many with powerful political lobbies, it is understandable that the government has been unable to effectively address the problems of cost, access, and quality.  With the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (PPACA), the government has taken a step towards reshaping the health care system.  Answer the following question: How will the PPACA reshape the health care system in terms of access, cost, and quality?  Discussion 2:

In spite of its impressive accomplishments, the U.S. health care system is fraught with problems and dilemmas.  There is a growing concern that health care is a big, complex, unmanageable business.  In this week’s reading, six major stakeholders were identified, they are: the public, employers, providers, hospitals and other health care facilities, the government, and managed care organizations and other insurers.  After reading this week’s text and other references answer the following questions: In what ways have the stakeholders contributed to make the current health care system in the United States is too complex and unmanageable? In your opinion, which stakeholder has had the most significant impact? Why? Who should take the lead in reforming the U.S. health care system? Why?  Week 2

Discussion 1:

An oversupply of physicians in many urban regions contrasts with continuing problems of access in rural and inner-city areas.  After completing this week’s reading and viewing the video, discuss this topic using the following questions to help guide you: Why does the mal-distribution of physicians persist in spite of the number of physicians graduated? Explore how these specialty medical practices affect access to healthcare, quality of care received, and costs associated with health care services. Do these same conditions exist in Canada or the United Kingdom? Why or why not?  Discussion 2:

According to Sultz & Young (2011), “Communication among providers and between providers and patients [is] problematic as medical technology progresses and time pressures on physicians increase” (p. 179). After completing this week’s reading discuss this topic using the following questions to help guide you: How might the increase in medical technology have a negative effect on communication among providers? Provide at least two examples. Are there any positive effects of increased technology on communication among providers? Why or why not?  How does the increase in medical technology impact the provider-patient relationship? Provide at least two examples.   

Assignment: Disclosure of Physician Information

The dispute over exposing the comparative performance of physicians on a wide spectrum of variables has been resolved in favor of the consumers of health care.  Despite physician protests, a number of states have passed legislation that gives the public access to physician information, including disciplinary records, malpractice actions, and whether a physician has lost hospital privileges.  In a three to four page, (excluding title and reference page), APA formatted, double-spaced paper, respond to the following questions: Are the physician reports cards fair and balanced? Take a position on this issue and explain your view.  Provide at least two examples from references that support your position. Do physician report cards provide information consumers need to make medical decisions?  Why or why not? Explain your answer. Support your position with two references in addition to the textbook. Note: one of the two references may be a professional website.  

Week 3:

Discussion 1:
The chapters assigned this week focused on hospitals and ambulatory (outpatient) healthcare organizations. Each has their own unique administrative and clinical requirements due to shifts in utilization.  Choose one of situations presented below and discuss the...
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