Hbr Milford Case

Topics: Sales, Interpersonal relationship, Toronto Pages: 3 (906 words) Published: April 4, 2011
Milford Case
After reading this case, my ranking is as follows: Dufree, Burke, Harlow, Alderson, Eaton, Gibson, Furness, and Caplan. The way in which I rated these salesmen was based on the information given in both cases (A&B). Dufree was given the number one sales person for the simple fact that she was able to have the third highest sales with relatively no large accounts. This shows that she is maximizing her profitability and sales in these smaller markets. I believe that she has the potential to be the number one sales person in the district, if she is given the opportunity to capture a few larger markets. Burke was placed in second and not first because of the fact that he is a bit lazy. Being in the company for 15 years can cause some lackadaisical performances because he seems to be content with how he is doing. He is ranked higher, because although he has the most accounts he also makes the third most amounts of calls and is able to create generally good relationships with his clients. Coming in third is Harlow; Harlow has been with the company a relatively long time and his first half sales were second to Eaton. He has around the average number of accounts, but he does make the second most amounts of calls. Like Dufree, he does not have many accounts, but the ones he does he has a good grip on. He too is able to maximize profitability on his accounts. Next we have Alderson, who is new to the company, but we cannot fault him for that. He is ranked higher than many of the longer tenured employees because of his willingness to learn. He makes the most calls, has the most accounts and seems to have the drive to succeed. He is relatively young and has to develop some sales tools in order to be number one; however, the potential for him seems to be through the roof. After Alderson we have Eaton mainly because of his age. It is taken into account many times that his old age has caused his work to decrease. On the other hand, his high...
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