Hazrat Umer Bin Abdul Aziz

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Hazrat Umer Bin Abdul Aziz
When we open the windows of history, we happen to see many inspiring personalities of Islam. Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz is one of such great persons. He possessed a bundle of superior qualities. He was humble and meek in nature but could resist evils sternly. To assert truth was the distinctive quality of his character. He was very kind to helpless and the poor; but he was bitter enemy of cruel people. He bore every difficulty with a smiling face. But he was ever ready to provide extra facilities to his people.

Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz enjoyed a life of luxury in childhood. Even in youth, he remained matchless in dressing and glamour. He had a great sense of beautification. He never wore a dress for the second time. He had a delicate taste for expensive perfume and pleasant fragrance. But in spite of all this, he never did any evil deed. He never did anything that could stain his lovable character.

Though he showed great qualities of character even before his caliphate, after becoming a caliph, there occurred a great uprising in his thoughts. He took radical steps to set the thing in right motion. He made arrangements for the return the unlawfully occupied lands and properties to their lawful owners. Many rich people and chiefs stood against him but they could not stop him from brining a rightful change. After become a caliph, he gave up wearing expensive clothes. He began to wear coarse dress, ate simple food and lived a hard life. He had become very God-fearing. He spent nights in the worship of Allah and kept on serving people during the daytime. After becoming a caliph, he never smiled and kept on trying to please Allah. He was so simple that a newcomer could not recognize the caliph sitting among the people. He was so caring that he never disturbed even his servants during their rest times.

Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz never wore the same dress for the second time before becoming the caliph. Lying on his death bed, he...
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