Hazrat Omer-the Founder of Best Democracy

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Hazrat Omer

The founder of best democracy



Department: Gender Studies

Final project

Project Name
Hazrat Omer (R.A) -as a leader

Submitted By
Sundas Masood

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Ma’am Uzma Tauqir

Date of Submission
1st June, 2010

Hazrat Omer

Early Life

The mission of the Holy Prophet was still in the early stage. Islam was still weak and helpless. The chiefs of Mecca were up against it. One night the Holy Prophet stood in the Kaaba, lost in thoughts. Presently he raised his hands and turned his eyes heavenward. "Lord!" he prayed, "make Islam strong with either of the two men, Amr bin Hisham or Omar bin Khattab." The prayer was instantly granted. Allah chose Omar to serve Islam. Amr bin Hisham was to die as Abu Jahl (Father of Ignorance). But Omar was to become a great pillar of strength for Islam. He was born in 583 A.C., about forty years before the great Hijrah. Omar was twelve years younger than the Holy Prophet. He was the son of Khattab. His mother's name was Khatmah. He came of the Adi branch of the Quraish. Banu Adi was held in great respect. They acted as the agents of the Quraish in talks with other tribes. They also acted as judges in their disputes. In early youth, Omar got training in methods of warfare. In his youth he was a famous wrestler and orator, and a spirited person. He was one among the few people in Mecca who knew reading and writing before Islam. His main occupation was business. He also learnt the art of public speaking. From the outset, he showed unusual courage and frankness of manner. Eager to learn, he was earnest and thorough in whatever he undertook. These qualities won him a name in the country rather at an early age. As a trader, he had to travel to other lands. These travels brought him a wide knowledge and a deep understanding of men and things. Character

He was a very pious Muslim. His success lay in two things-fears of Allah and his love for the Holy Prophet (SAW). He never used even oil from the Bait-ul-Mal (Public Treasury) to burn a lamp at night for his personal needs. Whenever he finished the official work he put off the lamp. He used to patrol in the city at night to find out the needs and requirements, and conditions of the people. He did not hesitate to take his wife to work as a midwife for a poor woman. The salary he got from the Bait-ul-Mal was so low that it was hardly enough for him and his family's needs. When some of the eminent Muslims requested him to increase the amount he, said, "The Holy Prophet (SAW) has left a standard by his personal example. I must follow him".

Hazrat Omar was the most just ruler in the Islamic History. All the citizens, including the Caliph himself, were equal before law. Once he appeared before a court at Medina to clarify his position against a complaint. The Qadi (Judge) wanted to stand in his honor, but he did not allow him to do so, so that there would be no distinction between him and an ordinary person before Law. He was really the founder of modern democratic system. He was the best example of an ideal character, and was the greatest "Khalifah" of Islam after Abu Bakr (R.A.). He selflessly devoted his whole energy for the cause of Islam. Muslims will always be indebted to him for his great achievements.

Physical features

He was tall, strong with broad shoulders and wonderfully brave man.


Simplicity and devotion were the main characters of Hazrat Umar. He used to wear clothes that had many patches and yet received Governors, convoys and diplomats. He took just enough allowance from the State to have a simple meal and wear simple clothes. At times he was very poor. He used to visit the old people and sick and even does their house work. He used to visit the houses of the soldiers and inquire about their families. He stayed awake at night in Salat and often kept fast. He always supported and upheld the cause of Islam, with his wisdom, energy,...
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