Hazing: Torture or Trustful Bond?

Topics: Fraternities and sororities, Hazing, Initiation Pages: 3 (1558 words) Published: September 28, 2014

Hazing: Torture or Trustful Bond?

What is hazing? Hazing is often referred to as the humiliating and sometimes dangerous initiation rituals, specifically introduced on college students seeking membership into a fraternity or sorority. Members of fraternities and sororities are not the only victims. Athletic players and students of organizations endure this humiliation as well. Hazing should be prohibited in fraternities, sororities, athletic sports, and any club or organizations due to the physical and psychological effects it has on people. The latest incident was conducted on October 30th, 2013 at Wilmington, Ohio. 19 year old Tyler Lawrence reportedly collapsed in agony after being struck in the groin during a ceremony for the Gamma Phi Gamma fraternity. According to local police, some of the events that occurred were extremely unpleasant. Lawrence and two other pledges were brought to the basement of the fraternity (Known as the "Gobbler House"). The basement of the house contained about three inches of water and the pledges were ordered to lie on the floor and imitate a swimming action. The pledges were then commanded to strip entirely naked but were instructed to keep their blindfolds on. A substance resembled as that of "Icy Hot" was then applied to their nipples, groin, and buttocks. After having limburger cheese stuffed in their mouths, the pledges were each given a ball of stuffing and were ordered to stimulate having sexual intercourse with it. While this sounds horrific enough, the pledges were then struck with towels and shirts that had items tied inside them to inflict pain. This was when Tyler Lawrence was hit in the testicles and fell immediately to the floor screaming in pain. Frat members eventually got him up to his feet and concluded the hazing by stuffing vinegar-soaked bananas into the mouths of the three men. After the initiation was over, Lawrence complained of immense pain in his genital area and was taken to a local...

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