Hazing in Sororities and Fraternities

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Hazing in College
College is something every high school student dreams about; freedom, new experiences, and so many new faces. As fun and exciting as it may be, there is much room for error. Students may engage in social activities, and neglect their academics. There are two distinct social groups that students participate in; sororities and fraternities. Sorority comes from the Latin word “soror”, meaning sister, and fraternity comes from the Latin word “frater”, meaning brother. Sororities and fraternities are Greek in origin, and started in the 1820’s. They originated as groups to help ease the “freshman” feeling. Socializing and interacting with students of similar interests may make your college experience better, but in recent years, this seems to have changed. To get into a sorority or fraternity, you must go through an initiation, known as pledging. Pledging can be whatever your “sisters” or “brothers” tell you to do; this can be known as hazing. Hazing in sororities and fraternities can affect a student’s safety, distract them from their academics, and produce negative consequences.

The safety of students in fraternities and sororities has become an issue. The initiation the students take to get in can be harmful on them. “We were made to lick raw food substances off the floor. We were kicked and hit and shoved. We were tied tightly together and made to run through icy, hilly streets.” (The Lowdown..) This is an excerpt on what went on when one college freshman tried to get into a sorority. They are made to “try out” and the tasks are nearly impossible. There are few students that make it into the sororities or fraternities, which is why so many strive to get into them. It is an initiation, but they take it overboard. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is a good quote to sum up the mindset of the brothers and sisters. “On college campuses, the combination of the lack of oversight, excessive drinking, and an overeager pledge-master can...
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