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Hazardous Waste Management and Legislation
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State-wise Status of Hazardous Waste Generation in India
In India, there are 36,165 nos. of hazardous waste generating industries, generating 62, 32,507 Metric Tonnes of hazardous wastes every year. The category-wise classification of this quantity is as follows. Land Fillable HW – 27, 28,326 MTA (Metric Tonnes/Annum)

Incinerable HW - 4, 15,794 MTA
Recyclable HW - 30, 88,387 MTA
The recyclable portion of hazardous wastes is in the range of 49.55 % and is more than other two categories. The land disposable portion and Incinerable portion are in the tune of 43.78 % and 6.67 % respectively. According to the Report on National Inventory of Hazardous Wastes Generating Industries & Hazardous Waste Management in India of February 2009 prepared by the Central Pollution Control Board Hazardous Waste management Division in Delhi, the maximum hazardous waste generating state is Gujarat contributing to 28.76% of the total hazardous waste generated in the country. It is followed by Maharashtra which generates about 25.16% of the total. These two states are the only states who contribute more than one-fourth of the total hazardous waste generated in India individually. Nagaland, Mizoram, Manipur and Tripura produce negligible amount of hazardous waste as compared to the other states. Furthermore, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh which are the top three hazardous waste generating States and thereafter Chhattisgarh (4.74 %), Rajasthan (4.38 %), West Bengal (4.17 %) and Tamil Nadu (4.15 %) are found as major generators of hazardous wastes. These seven States are together generating 80.29 % of country’s total hazardous wastes. District of Bharuch of Gujarat has emerged as the highest generator of hazardous wastes in India. It is generating the hazardous wastes in the tune of 4, 67,100 MTA. Districts Ahmedabad (3, 60,484 MTA) and Mumbai (3, 43,129 MTA) rank at 2nd and 3rd position...
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