Hazard and Natural Disaster

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A disaster is a natural or man-made (or technological) hazard resulting in an event of substantial extent causing significant physical damage or destruction, loss of life, or drastic change to the environment. A disaster can be ostensively defined as any tragic event stemming from events such as earthquakes, floods, catastrophic accidents, fires, orexplosions. It is a phenomenon that can cause damage to life and property and destroy the economic, social and cultural life of people. In contemporary academia, disasters are seen as the consequence of inappropriatelymanaged risk. These risks are the product of a combination of both hazard/s and vulnerability. Hazards that strike in areas with low vulnerability will never become disasters, as is the case in uninhabited regions.[1] Developing countries suffer the greatest costs when a disaster hits – more than 95 percent of all deaths caused by disasters occur in developing countries, and losses due to natural disasters are 20 times greater (as a percentage of GDP) in developing countries than in industrialized countries.[2][3] Contents  [hide]  * 1 Etymology * 2 Classifications * 2.1 Natural disaster * 2.2 Man-made disasters * 3 See also * 4 References * 5 Further reading * 6 External links| -------------------------------------------------

The word disaster is derived from Middle French désastre and that from Old Italian disastro, which in turn comes from the Greekpejorative prefix δυσ-, (dus-) "bad"[4] + ἀστήρ (aster), "star".[5] The root of the word disaster ("bad star" in Greek) comes from anastrological theme in which the ancients used to refer to the destruction or deconstruction of a star as a disaster. -------------------------------------------------

Researchers have been studying disasters for more than a century, and for more than forty years disaster research. The studies reflect a common opinion when they argue that all disasters can be...
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