Hawthorne Studies

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Hawthorne Studies and Its Findings

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01Hawthorne Study03
02Findings of Hawthorne Study03
i. The aptitudes of individuals are imperfect predictors of job performance 04 ii. Informal organization affects productivity  04 iii. Work-group norms affect productivity 04

iv. The workplace is a social system04

Hawthorne Study
The Hawthorne effect is a psychological phenomenon that produces an improvement in human behavior or performance as a result of increased attention from superiors, clients or colleagues. In a collaborative effort, the effect can enhance results by creating a sense of teamwork and common purpose. In social networking, the effect may operate like peer pressure to improve the behavior of participants.  No single, all-encompassing definition of the Hawthorne effect exists today. It is one of several so-called effects of expectation seen in a wide range of situations. The mechanism of operation depends on the circumstances. In all cases, observed individuals behave or perform better than unsupervised individuals for a limited time if they suspect or know about the observation. The effect diminishes over time. For example, when the IT department of a corporation undergoes a radical change in management, employee productivity is likely to rise in the short term, especially if the employees believe that they are more closely observed than they were under the previous management. In the long term, performance reverts to previous levels unless another environmental change occurs. The Hawthorne effect was first seen in the 1920s at the Western Electric Company's Hawthorne Works, from which the term derives. The Hawthorne studies were designed to find...

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