Hawks vs. Doves

Topics: Iraq War, United States, Iraq Pages: 2 (767 words) Published: April 6, 2006
"Everyday the sun comes up, says something about us". This was one of the very last lines in the intense, impacting movie, 13 Days. This line poses many very interesting meanings. The fact that God allows the sun to come up must mean that there is still hope in the world. The sun rising is a metaphor for human dignity and human hope. Throughout the movie this metaphor about the sun was used frequently. I think it was a perfect way to sum up the situation of the hawks versus the doves and the whole concept of war and justice. As long as there are people in the world fighting for justice and what is best for everyone then there is always going to be hope for our society.

Can a "dove" truly protect the common good? If the person truly has the better cause for the whole in mind, then yes, doves can act for the common good. However, if the dove is secretly acting for a personal motive then no, doves are not working for the common good. In the film there is much evidence of the "doves" supporting the common good according to our CST teachings. The doves seem to think logically the situation at hand, considering the consequences and what may happen to the U.S. They follow every order given from the president and even enforce the president's orders when contradicting orders are given. The doves are looking for the protection of the United States and all its citizens, not just their personally feelings or motives. The dove's actions may have put the U.S. in danger but only due to slow reactions and thoughts they cumulated.

When I think to myself can a "hawk" follow the just war guidelines, I often think can the words "just" and "war" be in the same sentence without contradicting one another? Justice and war are on opposite ends of the spectrum, just as war "hawks" and common good are opposite ends of the spectrum. Self-defense against an armed attack is always considered to be a just cause but what the hawks did was not in self-defense, but rather a...
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