Hawker Food in Malaysia

Topics: Penang, Hawker centre, Dishware Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: August 11, 2010
Hawker food in Malaysia
Cheap and tasty hawker food is just a normal daily affair in Malaysia. The restaurants are under control of the Department of Health. There is no need to be afraid, when you want to eat at the hawker stalls. Sometimes you see a sign in a restaurant, saying "approved by the Department of Health".  When you come in a hawker center you have to look for a table. Have you found a table, than you can sit down. Each table has a number. You have to remember that number very well, because that is important.Let's say the number of your table is 9. When you look around you, you see a lot of hawker stalls. Now some of you can have a look at the stalls and order what you like. For example: chicken at stall A , nasi kandar at stall B, satay at stall C. Each time you say at the stalls: my table number is 9 or I'm sitting over there! The cooks are going to prepare your food. Some moments later they will serve it at your table and you have to pay each time they bring a dish. Every hawker stalls sells something else. One prepares fish, the next serves meats, the third vegetarian, the fourth vegetables, another one sells drinks or Indian food. There's a large varietyof food. Because it's difficult to choose and the dishes come quickly, it's better to have someone sitting at the table with money. He can pay every time a dish is served. The prices of the dishes are between RM 2  and RM 6. When you return to your table some, you will notice, that there are already so many dishes. Enjoy your meal!  Tipping is not recommended! When you look closely, you'll notice that the fish is on a blue plate, meats at a white, vegetarian on a green plate. Each hawker stall has his own color. When you're dinner is over, they can easily find their own plates again. Penang is  gourmet's paradise. Specially when it comes to hawker food. Two well known hawker centers are "Gurney Drive' and "Safari", near One Stop shopping complex. A good way to start your culinary adventure is...
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