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What Patriotism mean to mean
What patriotism means to me is that when we look at the flag we can see how our thirteen colonies became our 50 United States. We can see how that we are free. That means we should love our country with pride. We can also see the military men and women who died to earn us freedom who are keeping us safe. I can see how hard our presidents worked so we may have a better country so America can be remembered in the whole wide world that it truly is the best country. We should not forget the people who made this country into a developed country instead of a developing country. Patriotism means to me how we celebrate our independence. It means to me how we help the poor. How we fight for our country even if it requires sacrifice and how we fight for our freedom that is what I see in the our beautiful flag. How we achieve our goals. Our flag symbolizes our freedom and liberty. All the military men and women risk their lives for us. Patrick Henry words were “ give me liberty or give me death” that is what we all should feel inside us. We should remember our presidents who had dreams about our country and made their dreams real so our country would be I’m proud to stand for peace, democracy, free spIts our responsibility to leave them a legacy they can be proud speech, and free choice, freedom of religion and freedom from tyranny. I am proud that this is the country I live in. I am proud that I am in this country so I may have better education and a better opportunity to become something. This is truly what patriotism means to me.
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