Having a Conversion with a Famous Person

Topics: African American, Barack Obama, United States Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: October 16, 2010
For almost American teenagers, having a conversation with their president is considered as a privilege and it’s honorable to have a chance like that. For me, in spite of just being a Vietnamese girl, not an American one, I long to come face to face with the President Barack Obama or have a short conversation with him by the telephone. Obama is a phenomenon as a Black man who became the leader of the most powerful nation in the world. He is also the good model of the excellence, persistence and experience. Besides his reputation in the politics, Obama is also a loving family man, exemplary husband and great father. I want to converse with Obama for not only his reputation, but also a theme I really want to discuss, “discrimination”. As the definition, “discrimination” is a sociological term referring to the treatment against people of a certain group in consideration based solely on category. Although until now it isn’t absolutely as serious as it was in past, I can realize its potential danger to me and the society through violence, terrorism, warfare, etc. Discriminatory behaviors take many forms like racial and ethnicity, age, sex discrimination but they all involve some form of exclusion or rejection. Now, though I don’t suffer from this impolite treating, I can realize it rely on the complaint from my friends and relatives. My aunt said that she had been miserable when talking with a British who left without a word after knowing she is Vietnamese. Thus, it becomes a big concern in my family that want to let me study abroad. As a little girl, I really need help from an experienced person like Obama to help me out. I hope some educational policies will be proposed to limit the side effect of “discrimination”, the importance of the corporation all over the world despite race, age, nationality, sex, religious, etc will be fastened. I’m sure if these things will be completely done, Europe and America will attract more students and tourists coming from Asia or...
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