Having the Right Power and Its Benefits

Topics: Leadership, Management, Experience Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: May 24, 2012
Which type of power do you find most effective?

I would have to say that I find expert power to be most effective to have in ones position. Having someone believe in you that much based on your experience and knowledge puts one in a comfortable position to go off ones word.

Which type of power do you think you have?

As of right now in the poison I uphold at my current employment, I would have to say reward and expert power. The reason for that would be that in my position as the head bartender within my company, I work really hard and enjoy doing my job; I go over and above to ensure that all guest are always happing and smiling. Management recognized my workmanship and rewards me with different types of incentive. With my experience and knowledge in bartending and customer service I strive for the best at all times.

Do you use it? I use my power to stay focus and help others when the time is needed.

If so, in what situations?
One situation of me using my reward power would be me coming into work on my day off when someone didn’t show up for there shift at the last minute. As a team player I stepped up to the plate when no one else wanted to and did what had to be done for the company. I made sure the shift was covered and everyone was happy. Do to that situation; I was given the next few days off with shift pay for my sportsmanship.

Another situation in my expert power would be me being asked to train the entire new hire bartenders within my company. If management didn’t feel as though I was experienced enough with the right knowledge and skills for the job I wouldn’t have been asked to do so. They believed in me enough to put me in a position of power to help others succeed.

How could you improve your leadership and management skills now that you have a better understanding of the types of power and how they are applied?

I now have a better understanding of how these types of powers are used and applied...
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