Having Team Force

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Having Team Force
Which one do you think is better, individual or team sports? Last summer, I wanted to be interest in sports, but I could not decide on which one to do. Consequently, I watched some videos about these. Also, I wanted to talk someone to help me, and I had met some of my friends who had attended this kind of sports. Moreover, I listened their ideas about individual and team sports. Besides, I had watched their matches many times, but I could not make up my mind. It was only after I analyzed the similarities and differences between two types of sports that I came to my decision to join team sports.

At first glance, individual and team sports look very different from each other, but they have several things in common. The first similarity is purpose. This type of sports has some goals. For example, my favorite tennis player is Roger Federer. His goal is to be the number of the world. Also, my favorite team is Beşiktaş. Its players want to win all matches. A second similarity is that both of them require responsibility. For example, in individual sports, players are responsible for only themselves. Moreover, in team sports, players are responsible for each other. Finally, like individual sports players, players in team sports should be healthy. Because of this, individual sports do some exercise together with their coach. Besides, players in the team train together.

It was when I looked at the differences between individual and team sports that I made my final decision. First of all, when I looked at the mistakes at the matches, I understood that if you are an individual player, you can do a lot of faults, and fixing the mistakes is considerably hard. For example, when I watched Roger’s matches, he made some mistakes, and he lost his points. At the same way, while playing with a team, when you make a fault, your team mates can assist you. Unlike playing alone, playing with a team may bring you new friends. For example, my favorite team’s...
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