Having Our Say

Topics: African American, Black people, Sarah Louise Delany Pages: 3 (952 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Jasmine Walker
Ms. McCarthy
ENG 1110
10 April 2013

The Delany Sisters
Sarah and Bessie Delany were extraordinary women. They were very intelligent, kind, yet feisty women. Sarah and Bessie Delany were very close sisters and lived to be one hundred and four and one hundred and nine years of age. The Delany sisters were able to live long because of the way they lived their life. Over all these two women lived a good life and had two loving, caring, and wise parents to help who they have become in our American history, but life for The Delany sisters was not always easy they faced many hardships to have the respect they do today. In the book Having Our Say The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years The Delany sisters faced many challenges because they were sheltered, educated and black African American females.

The Delany sisters grew up at Saint Augustine’s school in Raleigh, NC. The Delany family was a very religious family and tried to follow all the rules to living a good sinful life (56, 57). Being in their early twenties the Delany sisters world only consist of Saint Aug’s college and downtown Raleigh. They only have visited two places Yak, Virginia and Fernandina, Florida (115). Henry Delany; the sisters’ father was the first elected African American bishop of the Episcopal churches (3). Therefore the Delany children were look highly upon and the Delany sisters were very sheltered growing up. Bessie talked about how sheltered and clueless she and Sadie were when she made the statement, Our childhood years were so protected, we didn’t have but the vaguest notion of what sex. We had a neighbor who said to us once, “You girls are so green, it’s no wonder those cows don’t mistake you for grass and gobble you up.” (84). The Delany sisters didn’t live like normal kids. They help raise their seven younger brother and sisters, and wasn’t aloud to go anywhere off Saint Aug’s campus without supervision. Living in the city of Raleigh when the Delany...
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