Having Happiness and College Success

Topics: College, High school, Education Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: November 15, 2010
College does not predict success or happiness. College students encounter many tasks to accomplish there personal happiness with their goals of attending college. This will help some readers on how to balance or get an idea on how to have happiness with success in college life. In a way happiness is connected to success in college because you will learn what to do in a situation which you will have to pick either your education or your happiness. But one thing is for sure, you will be able to communicate with other people which will help you how to be socially active. Also it will show you how to balance your studies with your personal life. But there is always a consequence which is eventually something will always fail whether it is your college or its is your personal life. So one thing is for sure, you can not be in college with a high school attitude because it will interfere with happiness and college success.

If a student is still using the habits from high school the student should consider changing the way that she thinks about school. Mature your attitude toward school because college is not going to change just because the student doesn’t want to change. If the student was shy in high school he should change that and make new friends that will help the student through college. A person doesn’t necessarily need to go to college but still goes anyway because that person want to be happy in the future with the education the person has received. But if the student has the custom to do the homework in the last minute that should be changed because if it doesn’t the it will start to pile up and then the student will have more work from the other classes which will lead the student to drop the class because of grade he will receive. And also in the future the student will have less free time because he is having trouble with his work which will lead him to not going out family or just hanging out with his friends.

Without the balance of studies and ones...
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