Having an Addictive Personality

Topics: Addiction, Drug addiction, Alcoholism Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: December 14, 2010
Having an Addictive Personality
Addiction is a relationship you have with an object. When reading this book, I learned how people begin to form addictions, factors that have come to be known as an addictive personality, and how to recover from an addiction. The more you learn about addictions, the better you may live a healthy and safe life.

An addiction is well known as a compulsive need for a habit forming substance or event. Many addictions come from alcohol, drugs, gambling, food, and also sex. There are many stages leading to this harmful habit. It starts with experimentation, casual use, compulsive use, then addiction takes place. The two main types of addiction are psychological and physiological addictions. Psychological addiction is coming to depend emotionally on the feeling a drug or action may give you. A physiological addiction is when your body has marked physiological needs for increasing doses. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, nicotine, and alcohol are all physiological addictions.

Many people ask the question, “Why get started?” The many reasons people do drugs are caused by emotions, social pressures, or stress may impact your decision. When you are suffering from an addiction, you focus more on the addiction than you do on others. An addiction is an illness that can isolate you from sharing the emotions you originally feel towards others. You may ask, “What is an addictive personality?” This definition has no “right” way to characterize itself. An addictive personality is a change resulting from the addictive process that takes place within a person. The most likely signs of changes are depression, irritability, and paranoia. All of these factors are important when you consider addiction.

The most common types of addictions are gambling, eating, sec, alcoholism, and drugs. Gambling may be an enjoyable social activity for some people but social pressures can contribute to a gambling addiction. Food addiction is a common thing to abuse...
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