Have you Ever Seen a Mockingbird Before?

Topics: To Kill a Mockingbird, Northern Mockingbird, Mockingbird Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: March 15, 2006
Have you ever seen a Mockinbird before? All they do is sing for people to hear, never harming anyone. In Harper Lee's novel To Kill a Mockingbird Scout and Jem were told it's a sin to kill a mockingbird, but in some ways Tom Robinson and Boo Radely became Mockingbirds themselves.

Scout and Jem were also Mockingbirds at one point in the book. Mockingbird is the representation of someone who bothers no one, and is harassed for no good reason. When Scout and Jem were walking home after the pageant, they were very innocent not doing anything except walking home. Then all of a sudden were attacked by Bob Ewell. All Jem and Scout were doing was walking, and just out of nowhere this happens. Not only were they not harming anybody then, but never really harmed anybody in the whole book.Atticus told Scout"It is a sin to kill a mockingbird, because all they do is sing beautiful music for us to hear"(Lee 95).

Another example of a person having the symbolization of a Mockingbird is Tom Robinson. Tom was a good man who never bothered anybody and often helped people that needed help. Tom was a mockingbird to Mayella especially because he always helped her when he passed by the house, and Mayella ended up accusing Tom of rape. He was later killed by gun shots. He was not killed because of what he had done, which he didn't do, but because bigotry lives in Maycomb. When Tom was done after court he said "I cn's do this much longer"(Lee 276).

One more great example of how a human being becomes represented as a mockingbird is Boo Radely. Boo was accused of stabbing his dad with scissors, and after that had to stay in the house all the time. Boo didn't stab anybody, and was in the house all the time, so he couldn't harm anybody in any way. Well Boo came out to help Jem and Scout from Bob Ewell, and deserved the spot light for his heroic acts, but as scout stated, "Boo Radely is like a mockingbird"(Lee 250). Scout knew the fame and glory was something Boo...
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