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8 week training programme

Personal Definition of Health

“What does health mean to me”, well health is relative to the well-being of the body. This only includes the physical and mental as well. Health is not only when you are sick or afflicted with some other ailment, but having your physical and mental health being in a good stable condition. Also means health refers to the status of the body weather a body of an animal or a human being.

A state of complete physical mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity it is the general condition of a persons mind and body, usually meaning to be free from illness, injury and pain.

The Hauora has been compared to the four walls of a whare, each wall representing a different dimension. All four are necessary for strength and stability. There are four dimensions of Hauora; Taha Tinana (Physical well-being health), Taha Hinengaro (Mental and Emotional self-confidence), Taha Whanau (Social well-being self-esteem) and Taha Wairua (Spiritual well-being personal beliefs). There is physical, emotional/mental, social and spiritual caring.

Hauora hypothesis

Hauora includes four dimensions which influences and supports each other. It comprises taha tinana (physical), taha hinengaro (mental and emotional), taha whanau (social) and taha wairua (spiritual). After our 8 week programme that we will be executing, the positive changes that I would like to achieve would be to heighten a little more skill and health in all four dimensions because I know that my taha tinana which is my physical well-being is a high quality and is my strength and also my team strategies when it come to court work, but in that dimension such as fitness and flexibility are not so high professionally wise and does tend to bring me down, but this 8 week programme will absolutely boast up that part in my well-being. Also I would like to try and balance out all four dimensions as much as I can, because I know I have the skill of my taha tinana and taha whanau, and even though my well-being with taha hinengaro and taha wairua is fine it isn’t as high as my first two which I do tend to favour in some types of normal day activities and for all my sports relations between Volleyball and Netball I do only concentrate on my physical well-being and do forget about the other three dimensions.

Due to my lack of self-control I am a competitive sports person and needs to relax in high intensity moment when I’m under pressure because it doesn’t just effect my performance it also effects my relationship with my team because no wants to play with a psycho on court or off court, but that’s something that I can overcome by talking to friends, family and also the coaches to help improve my attitudes towards those types of situations. To make my taha whanau (social well-being) increase more I will need to relax more and be friendly because when the sports stop my taha whanau will be fine.

So my goals and sense and sense of achievement, would be to lift weaker dimension to a professional standard and balance my everyday healthy life and sporting life which will help me during my high school and future sports that I would love to pursue. Something that I know that will become of a problem for me and I will have to encounter, would be my lack of focus and because during this 8 week programme I will be doing this around my friends and my mind will just be off task, talking and what not, which could come under taha hinengaro (mental and emotional), im just easily distracted when it comes to seeing friends and being in a group session, but because am infront of people I know really well, I don’t want them to laugh if I was to make a mistake during my programme or hurt myself but that’s just something I have to build up such as confidents in myself and my...
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