Haunted House 5 Sences

Topics: Olfaction, Linkin Park Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: April 6, 2013

An old haunted house…
I was only curious; I wanted to know what this house was really like. I am glad I made it out alive. I had heard adventurous stories about the house but I never knew the house to have looked the way it did what I saw was… I saw the thick dust along the skirting’s and the little bugs crawling up the shabby curtains, they looked like very small dots, like they were a part of a pattern on the curtain fabric. The room was dark, gloomy and definitely neglected. But- it was neglected with a twist. There had been someone present recently. I could tell this by the foot prints amongst the dust on the dusty floor. It looked as if the person had army boots, the grip that should be at the bottom of the shoe was engraved within the mouse brown dust. Another piece of evidence was that there was a crisp packet lying on top of the dust with one crisp fallen out. This was obviously a recent packet that had been opened. It had a fine crunch to it when I had stood on it almost like a fresh brand new packet that you’d have opened, it sounded like autumn leaves that had been dried out by the sun. There was a huge ancient wooden clock almost hanging over you as soon as you entered the room but not noticeable until the light hit it. It was almost like it was hidden amongst the creepy shadows mysteriously, that was covering each corner of the room. There was a lot of newspapers around, they was almost everywhere. Where ever you looked there were newspapers. This room was beginning to be a library, because wherever you went there were newspapers/ something to read. The newspapers were dated but they were very hard to make out what the precise date, about early 19th century I’d say, very peculiar. There was a lump under my shoe I couldn’t make out what it was so I wrapped my scarf around my cold face and bent down to see what the object was. It was green and mouldy I got my pen and moved the green mould over to get the most hideous looking rat under my...
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