Haunted Castle

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The Haunted Castle

There once was a guy and his child that lived in there house in a little beautiful peaceful town. That little town was called Baconville, because they make bacon. In that town was a haunted castle. The weird thing is every night his dad leaves into the starry black night .

The kid name was Bacon Jr. and he was eleven years old. His dad name is Bacon Sr. he is forty years old. There house was in the edge of town by the haunted trail that led to the castle. That’s when people get curios people com on the trail and disappears forever!

Then one night Bacon Jr. went and followed is dad to see that he went to the dark trail that went to the castle! So he went back in the house to sleep but could not so he just thought about it. The next night went farther and the trail all the way to the castle.

The saw the dark moist moss insulated the castle and the long twisting vines that crawled up the castle walls. It was horrifying. On his way home he herd the wolf howling in the wood finding there prey so he hurried faster home and was so tiered that he dozed right off.

Finally he had enough courage to go in the castle so he followed his dad into the castle to find out it was a laboratory he smell the dense chemicals in the warm air. Then he saw all these monsters from Dracula to Frankenstein! It was amazing and terrifying at the same time!

Then all the monsters where charging at him after he herd a voice shriek he ran for his life but the monsters where to fast and got caught him and ate poor Bacon Jr.! The voice was Bacon Sr.. When he found out it was Bacon Jr. he was so devastated he told all the monsters to get him

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