Hateful Things

Topics: Irritation, Need, Want Pages: 1 (298 words) Published: June 18, 2013
What things do I hate the most? Why do I hate those things? Do I need to adjust with it? Why Should I? Is it possible for me to like these things?

I’ll be sharing my own opinion in this essay. I’m so sensitive and irritable person. And for me, there are a lot of things to hate. Look at your left and right side, there are something that you don’t like. You don’t want to see. There are also things that you don’t want to feel, to think and to happen. And every person who lives in this world hated something. They hate it because they don’t like it. They are we want those things runs in our own way are in our own rule. We are free to have those things and no one can tell us what to hate and what to like except God.

There are simple things that I hate that make me uncomfortable like, I don’t want someone asking me the same question twice. I feel irritate easily. I don’t even like to say the same thing twice, just because they don’t hear me. Let’s talk about with there are something to hate in our place, attitude of the people around us and so many more. For example, go outside, watch each person around you. Look at everything you’ll notice. You’ll feel irritated with the noise, sometimes. Like those people that go near by their house just to talk with other people’s life, we call it gossiping. We have our own life, so why do we have to talk about others? Another is Pollution. Pollution makes me feel bad, I don’t even like to go outside the house for many hours because I don’t feel good about the air I’m breathing.
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