Hate Speech

Topics: Freedom of speech, United States, Lyndon B. Johnson Pages: 3 (869 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Hate Speech
Edward Oliver, Jr
Colette Palamar

Hate Speech

Hate Speech
Thomas Jefferson one of the founding fathers once said, “A democracy cannot be both ignorant and free.” The first amendment structured to give United States citizens the right to speak freely is an essential law that builds the foundation of the United States Constitution. The first amendment is one of the most controversial laws that higher instructions of learning, churches, state, and local governments have debated for several centuries. So the question is should the United States government place a measure to regulate people from hateful language? When a rap artist writes music to degrade women and display expletive lyrics that warrants a disclaimer for underage children listening to their music should the government stop the rap artist from expressing their genre of music? Most people would agree that hate speech is an abnormal behavior, which warrants some form of punishment to individuals in involved in hate speech. However, some people in society may have a different definition of hate speech, then the next person. In addition, some may even believe that because there is a first amendment that all speech should be permissible. Lawmakers have made provisions for libel and slander that makes the acts illegal to defame individuals in a song, speech, or writing. In 2012, Doskow states that defamation is a tort, meaning that this is more of a civil matter than criminal; therefore, people in society may say publicly that not all speeches are negative to any group as a hate speech. However, the church or religious groups have opposed the homosexually lifestyle because their doctrine teaches against the lifestyle. In the United States, religious groups have the right to speak and protest against the homosexual lifestyle; therefore, what is the meaning of this word hate speech he or she may ask? The American Heritage Dictionary online (2011)...

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