Hate Radio Response

Topics: United States, White people, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: December 11, 2008
“Hate Radio” Response

Hate radio is mainly about how corrupt the radio is and the effects it has on listeners. Many of these radio shows are criticizing, looking down on, and even making fun of minority races, minority religions, and even females in general. This gives the public reason to hate these minorities. It angers me that such a large number of people in our country can be influenced by radio. I think it should even be outlawed if they are making discriminatory comments about other races. I understand the first amendment and that there’s supposed to be freedom of speech in our country. I agree that the people speaking on the radio should be allowed to say what they are saying, but not to the entire public. When someone can influence such a large number of people with their comments and opinions I think there should be laws regulating what they say. I don’t think a law like this would ever be passed in the United States. Some of the things said in this paper bothered me a lot. For example, using words such as “Blafrican” to describe black people. This is just making fun of there race. It’s wrong how people on the radio make such generalizations about a whole race. I agree with her comment “I am listening to a large segment of white America think aloud in even louder resurgent thoughts that have generations of historical precedent.” Currently the radio just expresses the views of the middle class white men being forced onto the entire public, which also includes lots of people that aren’t middle class white men.
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