Hate Crimes In Society

Topics: Southern Poverty Law Center, Crime, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (711 words) Published: November 23, 2015

Hate crimes have and always will be an appalling flaw to society. Yet many people are unaware of the characteristics of a hate crime. Hate crimes are any traditional crime such as arson, murder, invasion of privacy, or vandalism that the victim was selected because of their race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity or religion. Over human beings history, hate crimes have been heavily targeted at several groups, yet the effect on society is always the same, and that is that it changes nothing and is fueled by ignorance and arrogance. We as a society must stop this pattern.
Hate crimes are not a criminal charge by themselves they are simply an enhancement. They can often be very hard to prove, and also an extremely vague crime...

As of today there are 784 hate groups operating in the United States of America, yet this is only including the groups and their chapters that are known. These groups are known to participate in criminal acts, rallies, marches, speeches, meetings, leafleting or publishing. In our very own home town the group known as the KKK is extremely active and well known. North Carolina’s specific chapter is known as the Loyal White Knights. They believe themselves not to be a hate group, but a worker of their God. They claim to hate the actions of the group such as race-mixing, drugs, homosexuality and abortion, but not the specific group itself. Their claim is based off of biblical scripture (Lev.20:24-25) that whites and darker races are to live separately “as God intended.” In their website they say “ this government will continue to pass Anti-White laws, such as the Hate Crime...

Yet they all have one goal to suppress another group because of who they simply are, and while I myself believe ignorance is dying with the older generations the numbers don’t lie. Like the KKK many of these groups feel as if they are doing something for their god, and are known as extremist. They strike fear among society. As well as making a statement, they also cause many groups to react back to the heinous crime committed on their group, this can be known as the domino effect every action causing a reaction and nothing ever being accomplished besides hurt, desperation and pure evil. This can be seen in most recent events on Paris as of November 13th 2015, hate crimes against muslims have skyrocketed. One muslim woman was reported having bleach poured on her, while others suffer from even worse threats. This accomplishes nothing it has been no more than ten days since this attack and it is very obvious that violence does not solve violence, it simply only creates more pain amongst more people.
Human beings are judgemental and harsh and though we cannot change that we must accept that not all white people are racist, not all African Americans are out to get you, not all Hispanics are here to steal your jobs, not all Muslims are members of ISIS, not all Christians hate gays, gay and transgenders are not the basis of all are problems. We are all human beings and we...
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