Hate Crimes

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Orlando Moldovan
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16 March 2013

Crimes in the Name of Hate

For a nation pushing the frontiers of globalization fewer problems can be more challenging than finding a way to homogenize, or harmonize its own society with the societies that acquiesce to its globalist message. To subdue nations, and to eradicate borders, whether they are geographic, ethnic, or economic, the state attempting to achieve these feats needs to make use of a very powerful tool, something that that today we would call the Hate Crime. The Hate Crime was the most powerful tool used by all military and political leaders from the onset of civilization to the dawn of the nation state. The common fear a people shared for another group of people is at the root of the Hate Crime; and history will have it that it is this fear that empowers governments to make war, and man to divide himself into groups perpetually striving for hegemony. The results of this fear are understood very well in the context of wars, and conflicts; but the ramifications that survive the wars and the war propaganda seem to be less understood and less evident. What happens when the fear of another ethnicity or group of people translates itself from the battlefields into the streets? What is the justification of intergroup segregation, and is it a natural process? Can society ever lead a successful attempt to eradicate Hate Crimes? These questions are at the root of the Hate Crime dilemma.

The Hate Crime is a method of expression for many of societies fears. One of the most prevalent fears that pushes a society to delve into Hate Crimes is xenophobia, which is the fear of other ethnicities. This fear is entirely natural, and it is a result of our fear of the unknown; a fear which our cave dwelling ancestors developed in order to protect themselves from predators. This fear has been seized upon by many governments throughout history, which have used it to bring about the passing of unspeakable crimes against humanity; and indirectly to propagate the spread of the western culture. It was this fear that engendered Spain’s invasion and colonization of meso-America, and her killing of the indigenous, heathen, and barbaric Aztec population. It was this fear that engendered the crusades, and the ravaging of the Irish, and Scottish Pict tribes at the hands of the English. It was also this fear that allowed for the creation of anti-Semitism, whose effects on the Jewish population of Europe fluctuated throughout the continents history, and then peaked during the rise of the Third Reich. It has been this fear, which has been seized upon by newspapers and media outlets and turned into propaganda used to diffuse war sentiments throughout populations. This fear is deeply embedded in the common history of humanity and it is something that will always hinder humanity’s efforts to make herself into one global entity. Current federal law defines hate crimes as any felony or crime of violence that manifests prejudice based on race, color, religion, or national origin. Hate crimes can be understood as criminal conduct motivated in whole or in part by a negative opinion or attitude toward a group of persons. Hate crimes involve a specific aspect of the victim’s identity. Hate crimes are not simply biases, they are dangerous actions motivated by biases. It is important to note that the fear that is the cause of Hate Crimes also pushes people to become ethnocentric in response to it. Psychologists have conducted a number of experiments to help them understand the degree of severity with which xenophobia is effecting modern day American communities; and a number of other experiments to show the causes and extent of ethnocentrism within four different cultures, one of them being that of the United States.

Due to increasing demographic heterogeneity within the United States, serious concerns regarding the effects of immigration and cultural diversity in institutions of...
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