Hate Crime

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Skinhead Movement
The skinhead movement came to the United States from the United Kingdom where it began in 1968 as a protest movement by working class youth against the Hippie movement (which was largely composed of the Middle classes) It was transmitted not by political ideology alone, but by music that had entwined political and racial ideology within. In short, skinheads, came to be neo-Nazis who could sing

Types of Skinheads
All skinheads are not neo-Nazis. They tend to fall into one of three basic categories Neo-Nazi Skinheads (by far the largest)
Skinheads involved solely in the Oi!, Ska, or Death Metal music. S.H.A.R.P.S. (skinheads against racial prejudice, by far the smallest) the problem with that many skinhead youth travel between any of the three groups at any given moment. Theoretical & Historical Origins

The Skinhead movement did not just appear in the UK. There was a logical historical progression from: British Unioin of Fascists
Teddy Boys
Sir Oswald Mosley 1896-1980
Mosley was an officer in the Royal Army in WWI
He introduced the fascist movement to Great Britain as a reaction to the Depression that began in the 1920’s in the UK. Mosley served in the government and parliament at times.
Members of the BUF wore a uniform that consisted of black shirts, black trousers and boots. They sported an Italian style fascist emblem on their cap and lightening bolt insignia on their caps and armbands. Mosley required members to buy their own uniforms to show commitment. BUF HQ

Also called the black house
BUF Parade, great smith street, 1932
In 1933 the BUF established a compound in a former
BUF Agenda
Anti-immigrant agenda
Anti-Democratic agenda
Pan-European agenda
Pro-Fascist stance
Pro-Nazi stance
BUF expands
The BUF began to grow as their platform on employment was popular among the masses of unemployed in the UK. At it’s height in 1934 the BUF had a membership of 40,000
BUF Rally, Hyde Park, London, 1934
Members of the BUF often participated in Nuremberg style rallies Mosley was an admirer of Mussolini and modeled many aspects of the movement after the Italian model of fascism Mosley’s men were called Blackshirts after the Fascist of Italy they imitated. British Union of Fascists

After the banning of uniforms, the BUF marched in civilian clothes. They were taunted by counter-demonstrators frequently and fights often broke out. British Union Day March, May, 1939
The End of the BUF
The Public order Act of 1936 banned the wearing of Political Uniforms. WWII began in 1939 Mosley was interred as a threat to National Security 1940-45 The BUF disbanded
Mosley in Trafalgar Square, 1962 still trying
Teddy Boys 1950’s to 1963
The Teddy Boys were a “tribal-like youth subculture” that developed on the streets of London during the 1950’s They were noted for their flamboyant style of dress, loud rock and roll music, rebellious activities, racism, and their love of violence. Teddy’s & Racial Violence

Hamm (1994) felt that they Teddy Boy’s introduced the concept of racial violence as a post war sub-culture style among British youth The Teddy Boys became a symbol of street violence and members of Her Majesties Armed Forces were forbidden to wear Teddy Boy style clothing while off duty. Teddy Boys & Racial Violence Cont.

The Teddy Boys began to attack young Afro-Caribbean youth without provocation and participated in several race riots. They also attacked Pakistani immigrants with cricket bats in a ritual know as “Paki Bashing” They felt the immigrants took away jobs that should have gone to English youth. Skinheads

The Skinhead movement began in the UK as a protest by working class youth against unemployment, hippies, and foreign immigrant (who were perceived as taking away jobs) Their protests became racist and violent mainly centering on immigrants from Pakistan and sometimes the West Indies. Paki-Bashing was common with Boots,...
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