Topics: Gary Paulsen, New York City, Wilderness Pages: 1 (388 words) Published: January 13, 2006
The title of this book had a very big connection with the story because the main character, Brian, would not be able to survive without the hatchet. Hatchet was his life, everything he had done came from the hatchet. The story first took place at the airport in Hampton, New York, then it was in Canadian wilderness, and last it was back to New York City. The main character, Brian, is thirteen years old. His father and mother were divorced last year. He hates lawyers because of the divorce. Brian had change during the fifty-four days in the wilderness alone by himself. He had change when the plane passed him. The new Brian no longer hates lawyers, but he started to hate the blood and what he had done to himself when he was the old Brian. He was no longer like the old Brian, weak and impatient. Brian changed again after the tornado had come, he had become tough, more thoughtful as well, and he began to think slowly about what he is going to do before he does anything. In the wilderness Brian had run into a lot of difficulties and problems. For example, he had to make everything that he needed, like fire, arrow, bow and door. He had to gather food or hunt animals to eat; otherwise he would starve to death. Brian had a dream about his father and his friend, Terry. The dream let him found out the hatchet was everything, it was his life, and without it he would never survive. Most of the difficulties and problems got solved after the dream and a few were solved before the dream. This story was believable to me because the author Gary Paulsen says he wrote it with the sureness of one who had experienced the wild for him. The adventure in this story was unforgettably and a gripping metaphor for life. I really like the story because the story told the truth of life in the world, and also it was because I like nature and I like adventure stories. To me this story was pretty easy to understand, but there were just some aeronautics nouns that were hard to understand. I really...
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