Topics: Hatshepsut, Thutmose III, Pharaoh Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: September 13, 2013
Hatshepsut, the Female Pharaoh.
The name pharaoh was maintained throughout the royal family. Past rulers of Egypt were distinguished by the name pharaoh, but all had their own separate names at birth. A pharaoh could also be a female. Egypt provided legal rights and freedom to women far more than any country in the near east. But unlike the male pharaohs, female pharaohs had limits. Females in Egypt were often referred to as “the lady of the house” pregnancy and childbirth were expected from the women. In the Thutmose family, marrying a relative was acceptable, that’s why Egypt had queens in the past. Thutmose II married his sister Hatshepsut and were both declared as pharaohs after the death of his father Thutmose I. After Thutmose II died, the reign of Hatshepsut begun. Her throne name was Maatkare. She often referred to herself as a man “his majesty” just like the male pharaohs, she considered herself a man. Hatshepsut’s reign was basically a peaceful one. The lack of frantic military activity during her years in power is one of the outstanding and defining characteristics of her rule. She focused more on activities like trade and construction. She expanded trade with Nubia, Libya, and countries in Asia. She also ordered expeditions to present-day Somalia, which was then called Punt, to acquire special goods like ivory, spices, and gold. She expanded trading relations and built magnificent temples as well as restoring many others. Hatshepsut also restored and renovated several old buildings that had been damaged or destroyed by invading armies. One of these was the temple at Ipet-Issut. In addition to the renovations, she built the Red Chapel for the holy barge of Amun, Hatshepsut put up two huge obelisks that were covered in gold foil, reflecting the sun’s rays all around. As one of the few female pharaohs, Hatshepsut’s reign is a significant one in the history of ancient Egypt. Her period of rule was marked by an absence of military campaigns and a...
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