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The Community Health Epidemiology Assessment
Idaho City, Idaho

The community health status of Idaho City, Idaho was assessed for health needs and risks by the collection of data utilizing the Population Economic Status Assessment Form, the Neighborhood/ Community Safety Inventory, Cultural Assessment Tool and Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide. This information provides current statistic information on Idaho City. The quality of life of this historic mining town makes up for the services they lack. Basic necessities are available locally while healthcare, emergency care and disaster assistance must come from county support or by travelling to the nearest larger city of Boise. Overall, Idaho City is a moderately healthy community. Idaho City needs improvements in access to medical care locally and in promoting health maintenance for its population.

Community Description:
Idaho City, Idaho with a population of 486 (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census) is situated approximately 36 miles Northeast of Boise, Idaho at an elevation of 3907 feet (Advameg, Inc 2003-2012). “Idaho City is a city in and the county seat of Boise County, Idaho, United States” (Idaho City, Idaho. Ask.com Encyclopedia). The city has a total area of 0.67 square miles with all of it being land. Idaho City has a continental climate; summer is dry and hot while winter is cold and snowy. The city is served by State Highway 21, a two-lane undivided highway that travels through the Boise National Forest. It connects to Boise to the southwest and continues on northeast to Lowman (Idaho City, Idaho. Ask.com Encyclopedia). There are four restaurants, 13 local businesses and 2 places for lodging (Advameg, Inc 2003-2012). Idaho City has an elementary/middle school and a high school. They also have a library. The only health care service is a dentist. The Basin Community Health Center which opened in 1997 was run by a nurse practitioner until it closed in September 2011 (Grey, Jamie. (July 20, 2011). One must make the commute to Boise for routine care and either commute for emergency care or go to the local sheriff and radio for ambulance transfer to Boise. Community Data:

When the 2010 census was completed it was determined there were 216 households, and 124 families residing in Idaho City (U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census). Out of the 216 households 28.2% had children under the age of 18, making up 23.9% of the population. The median age was 42.2 with 51.1% being male and 48.9% female (Advameg, Inc 2003-2012). The racial statistics show 94.2% are white with the remaining 5.8% a mix of Native American, Asian and/or two or more races. The estimated median household income in 2009 was $35,507 compared to $44, 926 for Idaho in general (Advameg, Inc 2003-2012). The percentage of the population living in poverty in 2009 was 19.0%. Housing values in 2009 were $115,359 while average gross rent was $525 (Advameg, Inc 2003-2012). Of the residents over age 25, 85.5% have a high school or higher education with 14.8% having either a bachelor’s degree, graduate or professional degree. The unemployment rate for this same group was 8.2%. However, overall unemployment in August 2012 was 6.0% (Idaho City, Idaho. Ask.com Encyclopedia). General labor is the most common occupation, employing 98%, and they commute an average of 30 minutes to work (Advameg, Inc 2003-2012). Cultural Assessment:

In the Idaho City community there are four religious congregations. The Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has the largest following with 39.2%; the Catholic Church follows with 25.1%. The remaining 35.6% is divided with 20.3% attending the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American and 15.3% the Assemblies of God. The majority of this population is avid outdoorsmen. The mountains offer a multitude of outdoor winter and summer activities but there are limited indoor...

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