How has your understanding of the consequences of change been shaped by the techniques used by various composers? (looking for Alibrandi,Sky High, Robert Lowell poems)

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Change is a concept that everyone and everything experiences in some form or another, and in particular the consequences of these changes. But first what is change? Collins practical dictionary defines change as: An alteration from an original state, to undergo transition or transformation. Change can bring benevolent and rewarding outcomes through personal growth, however it may also have detrimental and negative effects, and these must be addressed and not overlooked these ideas are evident and extrapolated in the texts Sky High by Hannah Roberts, Looking for Alibrandi by Malina Marchetta and The Grandparents by Robert Lowell. These texts also show that people's outlooks and perspectives are constantly altering and reforming. As most changes in these texts relate to intangible features of an individual- personality, emotions, outlook and attitudes- the extent of the change cannot be measured in a standard unit. However, the change can be determined in relative terms, and this measure commences with the attributes and attitudes of the individual before the events of change occur. The various techniques employed by the composers have helped shape my understanding of the consequences brought about the universal force that shapes our very existence: change.

Sky High and Looking for Alibrandi both explore the concept that change brings about personal growth and development and is therefore a positive consequence.

In Sky High Roberts change can be viewed as positive. The protagonist has grown up and matured and as a result she is now able to take a mature sophisticated approach to her childhood. She makes sense of her childhood by writing this poem in which she uses symbolism "Sky High". She wouldn't be able to use these techniques if she wasn't a grown and capable adult. She takes an adult view of her adulthood "tying her to the ground", this is an informed and sophisticated approach to take to her life, as she has grown older she is now more aware. Roberts also changes language throughout the text, which is effective in showing the affects of her growing up. In the beginning of the piece, most of the words are childlike, using alliteration "bird-bitten", metaphor "the best climbing tree in the backyard", and a childish perspective "the air flow[s]... and playfully tousle[s] my hair". The way that the composer repeats images, at first in a childlike way "shirts like coloured flags in a secret code" and then, remembering and contrasting her perspective as a child, discussing it in a more knowledgeable way as an adult "my own semaphore secrets in colourful t-shirts" shows that time has passed, and that she has grown up. It shows that she has made a positive movement as she can now analytically reflect, she now has these skills. The protagonist is now aware enough to see that 'yes' she's too big now to swing on the clothesline "It's unlikely it could support me now," this shows that she's grown intellectually and is more aware of her surroundings. She now has the skills to reflect and to see how she's changed from a young child to a young woman. She is able to see that time is the catalyst for her transition from childhood to the fast paced world of 'grown ups.' Roberts has effectively shown me that there is a positive side to all change. Similarly in Looking for Alibrandi from growing older Josie has matured and she is now able to reflect and evaluate her experiences. The movie is set out in a linear structure which allows the reader to see her trials and tribulations as a positive, as they can see the progressive changes which are taking place in Josie's life. She now has the ability to accept her shortcomings, which is a clear indication of her becoming adult in her thinking. As she ages her level of self-awarness and social interaction strengthens her social self esteem. She learns to perceive things better and learns to see the flaws and faults and in her character, we can see this through the use of stream of thought...
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