Has Living Next to the United States Affected Canada in a Positive or Negative Way

Topics: United States, Cold War, Canada Pages: 3 (731 words) Published: May 26, 2010
Canada in North America - Has living next to the United States affected Canada in a positive or negative way?
Older brothers possess control of and affect younger brothers, similar to what the United States does to Canada. Canada, situated next to the competitive, risky and occasionally stubborn United States, has been influenced and affected negatively whether in terms of economics, sociality, or culture. Firstly, large amounts of skilled Canadian workers immigrated to the United States in the last century, following the belief of better benefits, opportunities, and salaries. The Canadian economy has also greatly deteriorated due to the United States, whether as a competitor or a nation with a decreasing demand for Canadian goods. Furthermore, Canada has unwillingly taken involvement into many unpleasant American affairs due to the Cold war. Lastly, the uniqueness of the Canadian culture is gradually shifting into the American culture, media, or beliefs.

To begin, from 1909 to 2008, approximately 3,635,188 Canadians had immigrated to the United States. A considerable amount of these immigrants were skilled workers and this fact carries along many negative outcomes. For example, there is an income tax loss by the government because the well-paying workers had left. Secondly, the Canadian businesses experience the inability to prosper and grow, which results in less job opportunities, contributing to the breakage of businesses. “...Canada’s productivity had slumped compared with that of the United States and that this productivity gap contributed to brighter economic prospects south of the border” (Simpson, Jeffrey 135). As the economy falls, more Canadians feel the need to immigrate to the United States, escalading Canadian emigration and economy deterioration into a vicious circle.

Immigration is not the only factor that affects Canadian economy, the United States also competes with Canada in businesses and is demanding less amounts of...
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