Has Guildford Town Centre lost its identity?

Topics: Clone town, High Street, Surrey, British Columbia Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: October 15, 2013
Has Guildford's Town Centre lost its Identity?

A survey was released in 2005, ranking towns around the UK as "clone towns" or "home towns". Guildford was ranked as a "clone town", however these results show that Guildford is not as severe a "clone town" as 80% of the "clone towns" in the UK.

These results lead people to believe that compared to many towns around the UK, Guildford should hardly be considered a "clone town". They believe that Guildford's town centre has lots of character and identity. Guildford has so much to offer people got there for many different reasons, including : meeting friends, shopping, visiting museums, tourism and eating at its restaurants. Guildford Town Centre Conservation Area Character Appraisal says : "Leisure and tourism play a significant part in the local economy with many visitors coming to Guildford to shop and to visit the castle and the river." The range of activities on offer shows that Guildford's town centre has so much character: "Restaurants, bars and cafes now make a significant contribution to the vitality of this area, with other uses including educational (The Grammar School), religious (Holy Trinity Church) and civic (Guildford House), being present." With so many places to visit and explore, Guildford has a strong identity.

Guildford is known mainly by teenagers for its shopping. It is very popular due to its wide range of shops.Guildford's Town Centre Management Group says: "Shops and stores sell. everything imaginable from fashionable baby clothes & modern teenage brands to cosmetics, foot-ware and home fashion too and even pampering sessions. There is something for everyone." For teenagers, particularly, Guildford has a strong identity due to its shopping facilities.

Around 20 years ago, the High Street in Guildford got cut off during the day. This definitely improved Guildford's vibrancy and culture. A lack of traffic on the High Street meant that market stalls could be set up and entertainers...
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