Has Government Gone Too Far?

Topics: Law, Political philosophy, Human rights Pages: 2 (473 words) Published: May 25, 2006
Has the Government Gone Too Far?

As you're driving down the highway you will most likely see "Click It Or Ticket" signs, and you may ask yourself, has the government gone too far with this law? People in America have the right to risk their own life by doing things such as rock climbing or bicycling without a helmet, the freedom to choose to wear a seatbelt is no different. Since the forming of our country our rights have become more and more regulated and the seatbelt law is only one example of this. You may want to ask yourself how many freedoms are you willing to loose before you object?

You may ask, why not force people to wear seatbelts if it saves lives? If we start forcing people to wear seatbelts then we should also start making people stay healthy since obesity is a major cause for dying young. Then after we force people to stay healthy why don't we put a ban on people having unprotected sex, because it can lead to diseases that could cause death. The list goes on and on of things the government can do to that would be good for our health and save our lives, but this country was established on the basis that we are free to endanger ourselves as long as we do not harm anyone else.

Another reason why forcing people to wear seatbelts doesn't make sense is that the law can not be enforced evenly. Some people will get ticketed and some people won't, similar to speeding laws. This can make people upset with the government, and losing their respect for the government and other laws. This could lead to them breaking other laws that harm other people, compared to not wearing a seatbelt which can only harm the person not wearing the seatbelt.

The "click it or ticket" law also leads to backups in traffic. Their have been times when people have been backed up for hours while they were waiting at a checkpoint. This is a massive waste of gas, and traffic jams often cause more accidents. Checkpoints are setup mainly just to collect money from people,...
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