Has gender equality been achieved in Si hellip

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Has gender equality been achieved in Singapore?

“Gender equality” constitutes the provision of the same opportunities to all genders. Males and females are physically, and psychologically different. This leads them to having different wants and needs hence treating them equally might actually result in gender inequality rather than “gender equality”. With that, “has gender equality been achieved in Singapore?”

Firstly, the traditional perception of the roles that men and women ought to take on are still very much ingrained in Singaporeans. For instance, the concept of househusbands remains foreign. This is largely influenced by society’s association of househusbands with adjectives such as “weak” and “emasculated”, framed by the stereotypical view that such a “feminine” role should only be filled by women. In addition, societal expectations of women causes women to have more duties at home as compared to men in terms of housework. However, such a mindset is slowly being changed as evidenced by the Singaporean government’s introduction of Government Paid Paternity Leave policy where fathers are able to obtain paid leave after a child is born, subject to certain conditions. Policies like this are instrumental to achieving greater equality among the genders. Nevertheless, Singapore has still some ways to go before achieving total “gender equality”.

Next, Singapore is a country that places great emphasis on meritocracy, allowing for objectivity and minimises discrimination. As a young nation, it takes time to change the beliefs and stereotypes that many have grown up with. For example, girls did not have the same educational opportunities as their male peers in the past. Now, equal education opportunities are made available to any individual who meets the entrance criteria, in adherence to the meritocratic system. In spite of all this, the fact that important roles such as the President are still dominated by males. A study carried out by the Diversity...

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