Harvey Norman Analysis

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Harvey Norman Holdings Limited
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TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1Executive Summary: PAGEREF _Toc338413357 \h 32Introduction: PAGEREF _Toc338413358 \h 42.1Terms of Reference: PAGEREF _Toc338413359 \h 42.2Background: PAGEREF _Toc338413360 \h 42.3Objectives: PAGEREF _Toc338413361 \h 42.4Methodology: PAGEREF _Toc338413362 \h 43Findings: PAGEREF _Toc338413363 \h 53.1Overview of Harvey Norman Holdings Limited: PAGEREF _Toc338413364 \h 53.2Situational Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc338413365 \h 53.2.1Porter’s Five Forces: Harvey Norman PAGEREF _Toc338413366 \h 53.2.2S.W.O.T Analysis: PAGEREF _Toc338413367 \h 6

Executive Summary:
The purpose of this report is to demonstrate the students knowledge of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), via analysis of the types of advertising implemented by the company: Harvey Norman Holdings Limited. A team of students through secondary research sourced the information in this report.

Introduction:Terms of Reference:This Report is designed to demonstrate the students understanding of IMC. The report was prepared for Mr. Paul Morrissey, Lecturer of Integrated Marketing Communications. Background:The purpose of this report is to help the student get a understanding of hold different marketing techniques are used in everyday situations through different forms of advertising campaigns. The purpose of this is to reinforce the knowledge the student has acquired in class. The company that will be subject of this report is Harvey Norman Holdings Limited. Objectives:To provide and overall situation analysis of the company.To research the company’s advertising campaign and determine who the target market are. Analyse the key form of marketing communication used and the company’s Unique Selling Point (USP). To analyse the media planning used for the campaign.To provide a detailed...
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