Harvey Milk

Topics: LGBT, Sexual orientation, Homosexuality Pages: 1 (409 words) Published: March 25, 2015
Jordan Harris
Intro to GLBT Studies
March 8, 2015
Harvey Milk
1. Harvey primarily spoke about the strong need for individuals in the LGBT community to come out. He elaborated that this was significant because if other saw that LGBT people were more prevalent a closed society could be a more open one. If more people were out the LGBT individuals still in the closet could see that there is hope and the word is moving in the right direction. 2. Harvey Milk led a relatively normal life growing up in New, York and attending college. In his 40s he decided to make a difference in the LGBT community, starting with Castro street in San Francisco. After losing three time he was finally elected onto the San Francisco board of Supervisors. His goals revolved around all minorities and how to help them, with most of his focus on the LGBT community. He brought people together to further the movements and bring awareness in the community. 3.

Harvey Milk helped fight against Proposition 6 which was eventually defeated. Milk helped the gay rights bill pass in California at the time, allowing for homosexuals to not be discriminated against for their sexual orientation Milk organized the first Castro Street Fair

The city ordinance requiring pet owners to pick up their pets excrements Milk convinced many LGBT people to come out and join the movement for equal rights 4. Briggs California campaign was to remove homosexuals so the possibility harm to schoolchildren would be reduced. Briggs publically debated against Harvey Milk who responded saying, “if children emulated their teachers, we'd have a lot more nuns running around”. Harvey Milk also pointed out that he had straight parents who didn’t affect his choice to be homosexual, so many of Briggs points were invalid leading to Proposition 6 to be repealed. 5. Tom Amiano, a homosexual teacher in the 70s can be seen in the documentary speaking about how “inclusive” and “outgoing” Harvey was, he describes him as a very warm...
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